Lawn Care Maintenance

Weekly Lawn Care & Maintenance Services for Atlanta Homes & Businesses

Our lawn care maintenance package includes Mowing, Blowing, Edging, Trimming, and Light Weeding. Each Lawn Care service can be tailored to your individual needs based on your property, budget and personal preference. We can set you up on a schedule whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or come as you need.


Each cut we do is precise and efficient in order to leave your lawn looking healthy and pristine after each cut.


Any areas of your lawn, plants, shrubs etc.. that need trimmed and cleaned up will be done.(Pictures of well trimmed Bushes)


Being sure that your lawn edges looked neat and clean is important to us. It’s one thing to have a freshly cut grass, but having the edges nice and clean adds a whole new element.


We like to keep all the debris (leaves, clippings, grass cuttings etc…)  off your lawn and landscape and that’s what we will do after each cut.

Lightly Weed

Each visit we will scan the property and lightly weed any noticeable weeds throughout your lawn and garden.